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Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer

We are a small team of remote engineers looking to find our next best friend! We develop software for a rapidly growing, established, and successful call center based in the home services industry. If you are an engineer who enjoys mastering every aspect of the software development lifecycle, you might be a perfect fit. Being a small team, we need to wear different hats, sometimes on a minute to minute basis. You will make a direct impact on day 1 to our business and product, so if you are tired of being a cog in the machine this is a job where you can shine. We are looking for a great teammate who is self directed, managed, and motivated. We currently do not have an office space, and don’t have plans to get one anytime soon, but at times we may get together at a shared workspace. This is not required but who doesn’t want to hang out with their best friends every now and then?

Our new best friend should have the minimum qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:
An example day in the life of our new best friend 1 month in:

Log on in the morning and review what you did yesterday, what you are going to do today, and what issues you have. Be ready when we have our online standup at 10 AM ET. Attend the standup, chat about life, but be ready to explain where your day will take you, and any issues you have. After standup, resume your morning. Test. Code. Zoom. Test. Eat. Ask Questions. We love questions! Code. Refactor. Take a break. Code. Test. Laugh at some old code you found. Contemplate why it was done that way, understand it, reach out to other engineers, and refactor it and make it better. Leave code comments that explain why. Commit your code for PR. While waiting for your review switch to the next task, review someone else’s PR, maybe get on a zoom call to pair on your code review. After approval, merge the code review into the development environment, test it again. Maybe it's a hotfix, maybe you are deploying it all the way to the production environment. Get another task, research new ways to do things, make things better, or teach the team something new you mastered. When work is done for the day, you get on with your life, family, video games, side projects, sleep, tv, whatever you do, do you! If something at work really interests you, you are super passionate about it, and you MUST attack it because YOU want to, go ahead do that, but make sure to take time to recenter, relax, refocus, and enjoy your life. We work to live, not live to work.

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