Other systems often overcomplicate availability to the point where no one effectively manages it - and the result is poor adoption and poor decision-making. With Relate CX, you get a simple and straight-forward system that provides a seamless connection to multiple CRMs on the backend, creating a SINGLE, UNIFIED CALL FLOW EXPERIENCE.

Relate CX includes a fully integrated capacity calendar, with real-time availability. Best of all, Relate CX is RELIABLE. The software is a 3rd generation build, built by industry experts and is an EFFICIENT, FLEXIBLE and INFORMATIVE system that can truly transform your business.  


  • Context-specific dashboard: Allows agents to focus on the customer, and minimizes errors
  • Synthesized call flow: One agent can effectively handle multiple trades and multiple locations; Reduces AHT
  • Related-company functions: Provides a toggle between related companies for cross-selling
  • Built-in industry best practices: Yields higher call quality and shorter training times


  • Multi-zone environment: Supports large service areas
  • Easy to use calendar: Enables dispatching for profits
  • Scalable: Allows for online booking with shared inbound capacity (2023)


  • Performance reporting: Displays results by location and by agent
  • Secure connection to CRM: Instantly connects to customer information, jobs and call history

The best brands rely on Relate CX

With Relate CX you get a standardized call flow, increasing call conversion while reducing errors. It creates a much better customer experience for everyone, which is why the best brands rely on contact centers that use Relate CX.

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